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If you have a cottage, you probably have a dock. If you have a dock, there’s a good chance there’s a boat tied to it. If you have a boat, you probably visit friends on the lake, and tie up at their dock. If Owen and Rene are your friends, and you love your boat — you beach it. There’s just too much risk involved by taking a chance on their dock.

Rene is Owen’s older brother — he’s mechanically inclined, and responsible for general upkeep of the cottage that he shares with his brother — and he’s doing a great job. Owen loves the cottage life, and has only one maintenance responsibility on their island property: Take care of the dock! And if “take care” means “abandon,” he’s done a fantastic job.

However, if “take care” means providing a safe place to entertain friends, family and children than he needs a few lessons on what is safe and secure.

A quick tour of the floating sea-monster off the beach revealed gel-coat eating nails protruding from the sides, (barely) floating sections secured with rubber mats, missing lumber replaced (or not) with rotten leftovers, inadequate anchoring resulting in the occasional rescue mission, and of course an herb garden. This dock was not only a hazard, it was bringing down property values and curb appeal, er … lake appeal.

After a few days of fun in the sun, I’d also taught Owen how to build an attractive, expandable and virtually maintenance free dock that he and Rene can all enjoy, and actually use, for years to come. Time for a swim!

– Bryan Baeumler is host of Disaster DIY: Cottage Edition. The show airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on HGTV.

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