Re: This ain’t Flint — doom, gloom be damned (April 30)

Clearly Scott Broderick is not a recent graduate with thousands of dollars in student loans who can’t get a job because of the extremely high levels of experienced workers who, having lost their jobs, are now applying for what were once “break-in” or “starter” positions.

He also obviously doesn’t work for a manufacturing company, which have laid off hundreds of thousands of employees. Nor does he have a mortgage, car payments, insurance payments, children in university or college, only to be told both his wife and him have lost their jobs, need to sell their home and car and no longer have extended benefits.

What’s with all the doom and gloom?, he asks. Perhaps, despite the overall picture, which only benefits those who still have an income, are debt-free and didn’t invest in any stocks that have tanked, he should try narrowing his focus to individual struggles instead of trivializing the heartaches and woes of millions of Canadians, Americans and many others around the world.

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