Wiggles, the little piglet that won hearts after falling off a transport truck on Highway 401 in May, has found a home.

The piglet was found “shivering like crazy” lying on the side of the 401, near Mavis Road, by a Good Samaritan May 25.

She was taken to the Toronto Humane Society on River Street where she has since been treated for a broken leg and cuts and bruises to her feet, head and backside.

A farm pig hasn’t been brought to the animal shelter for about 30 years, Ian McConachie, spokesperson for the THS said at the time. “She’s not going back into the factory farm chain and becoming food,” McConachie said. “She’s been through enough.”

This afternoon, Wiggles will be moving into the Painted Rock Animal Farm and Sanctuary in Tottenham, Ont., where she will have plenty of other rescued animals to play with.