Elisabeth Rohm is an actress, author and mother of 18-month-old Easton August Anthony. Her new novel, “Nerissa,” is on shelves now, and you can catch her as Lauren Gilmore on NBC’s “Heroes.”

Since the birth of your daughter, how has your life changed?


I can’t even remember who I was before. I guess I’ve changed in every way. Before I had Easton, I was sort of able to do all the things I wanted to do.


Can you elaborate on that?


Now I understand it’s a real challenge to find time for yourself. I understand how it is easy to forget yourself in the process. I thought when I was 27 I would look at women who were 35, let’s say, and I’d think, “How could they walk away from their careers?” Or, “How could they keep on those extra 10 pounds?” But now I understand.


How are your daily life experiences different now that you are a parent?

I was thinking about it the other day because I got a cold. I was raised by a hippie mom who was into the whole holistic approach and holistic medicine. And I’m not the antibiotic type but because I have a child, I immediately got the antibiotic even though I didn’t want to put that poison in my body. Her health was more important, because I didn’t want her to get a cold.

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