Just for the record, this is no April Fool’s Day joke.


Halifax’s Uncommon Grounds will be giving away one free coffee to each customer all day tomorrow. One medium-sized coffee valued at $2.15 — taxes in — is there for the taking at any of their four Halifax locations.


It’s all being done, according to owner Gordon Stevens, to bring some good news to Haligonians and “make people smile.”


“We really want to give (the media) something good to write about … not all the gloom and doom news out there,” he said yesterday. “It’s April Fool’s Day on us.”


In a press release, the company refers to the move as their economic stimulus plan for the citizens of Halifax. They also announced it as free coffee for all of April, but came clean near the bottom of the release that they were pulling an April Fool’s Day joke and it was for tomorrow only.

“I’m planning on between 2,000 to 3,000,” Stevens said to how many coffees they’ll give away for free.

While not charging for that first coffee, Uncommon Grounds is taking donations all day for the Arthritis Society of Nova Scotia.