Thom Swift is looking forward to playing in the city he calls home after a few busy months on the road.

A recent stop for the Halifax singer-songwriter included a performance at the Atlantic Canada House during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

“I was humbled to be chosen as one of the artists to go out there and represent our region,” Swift said in a phone interview. “It was a really wonderful experience.”

How busy has it been for Swift, who is performing in Halifax tomorrow night?

After his show at the Olympics, Swift took off to Memphis for the North American Folk Alliance, then to Sydney for the East Coast Music Awards. From there, he travelled to Ontario for some performances with fellow Nova Scotian J.P. Cormier and continued on to Toronto for Canadian Music Week.

“It kind of goes along with what it is that I do for a living,” Swift said about touring. “You got to travel. You can’t stay in the same town all the time.”

Swift has kept his travelling to the Maritimes lately. He and his band the El Caminos have been on a tour of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia since March 19.

His tour ends tomorrow with a performance at Casino Nova Scotia’s Compass Room at 8 p.m.

Swift is touring in support of his second CD titled Blue Sky Day that was released last month. He said he had one goal in mind when putting out the record.

“I just wanted it to be better on all fronts,” Swift explained. “I wanted it to sound better, I wanted the songs to be stronger, I wanted the playing to be stronger, every facet, I wanted everything to be better.”

After tomorrow’s show, Swift plans to take a short break. Then, it’s full force on the road again.

“It will just be non-stop touring,” he said. “We’ll just keep doing what it is that we do.”


Thom Swift is taking to the stage at the Casino Nova Scotia’s Compass Room at 8 p.m. Tickets are $25 each.