More than 2,000 people have signed a petition urging all three levels of government to come together to find some way to keep the ship Hector open this year.

Faus Johnson, chair of the Ship Hector Foundation, delivered copies of the petition last week to Pictou Mayor Joe Hawes, Central Nova MP Peter MacKay and Pictou West MLA Charlie Parker.

The petition asks the three levels of government to meet the foundation halfway and come up with $50,000 in funding that will allow the quay to operate this summer.

“We’re hoping to raise $50,000 — we’ll raise more if we can, but we think that’s a realistic number,” Johnson said. “We’re hoping they’ll meet us halfway and contribute $50,000 as well.”

The foundation would like to see the ship and quay open its doors June 1, which would coincide with the opening of the Ship Hector Store, but it hasn’t heard yet whether that’s possible.

Johnson is hoping the 2,000 names will have some effect on the decision.