The path to True Bliss is elusive — you’ll find no road map, no signs to mark the way.

But you can head north on Hwy. 404, exit at Hwy. 7, and hang a left toward Rich­mond Hill.

Bliss is a hug from spiritual leader Amma, the ‘Hugging Saint’ — one of more than 25 million she’s given in her life — and according to her followers, it can change your life.

Or not. But one way or another, Amma’s reach is unquestionable. She has raised millions, having pledged $1 million to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund and another $46 million to victims of the 2004 tsunami. She has addressed the United Nations and the Parliament of World Religions, and won the Gandhi-King Award for Non-Violence.

No surprise, then, that about 2,000 devotees made the pilgrimage to Richmond Hill yesterday — some from as far away as Switzerland — for a little bosom time with the woman they revere as the very embodiment of love.

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