More than 2,000 women marched along Toronto streets Saturday to mark International Women’s Day and to draw attention to issues of inequity.

The march began with a rally, afterwards thousands, many of them children accompanied by their mothers, winded their way through downtown streets.

Organizers of the event said they wanted the day to focus on job equity and pensions.

“Economic issues were very big issues this year for women in the march,” said Andrea Calver, one of the organizers.

Calver said the event started 100 years ago and emerged out of labour struggles.

“One hundred years later we’re still struggling with the issue of good jobs for women,” said Calver.

Women at the event said they want governments to address issues of decent pay, benefits, affordable child care and housing.

“They don’t have money for child care,” Calvert said “Women are really feeling the brunt of the economic recession.”

Calver also said women who are financially insecure are subject to higher rates of violence and discrimination.

International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries to mark the achievements of women around the world.