What’s better than donating $10 to the food bank? How about donating $10 and then finding two more people to do the same.

That’s the theory behind the Edmonton Food Bank’s latest fundraising campaign, Food Forever 2 by 2.

It’s a simple theory, according to Dr. Ian Johnston, an Edmonton physician who came up with the concept.

“It’s very simple indeed,” he said. “All one has to do is donate $10 to the food bank and touch, move and inspire two more people to do exactly the same.”

To participate in the campaign, all you have to do is visit edmontonsfoodbank.com and follow the links.

It’s so simple that Marjorie Bencz, the food bank’s executive director, hopes that it will bring in $1 million in much needed funds.

“Last year we spent over $300,000 more than our budget for food purchases alone, so all of this (is) helpful,” Bencz said. “Dr. Ian Johnston feels that it’s achievable and of course the resources are really appreciated, because the more financial resources the food bank gets, we’re able to do more in terms of food purchases.”

No timeline has been set to achieve the lofty goal but people are invited to start donating today.

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