VANCOUVER - B.C.'s health minister has issued a profound apology after three patients died and another nine were impacted when their medical scans were read by unqualified radiologists.

Mike de Jong says even those whose scans were not misread and whose treatment was not impacted suffered anxiety because of loss of confidence in the system.

Concerns were raised earlier this year about the quality of medical scans interpreted by four radiologists in Comox, Powell River and the Fraser Valley.

Dr. Doug Cochrane, chairman of the BC Patient Safety and Quality review, looked into what happened and says none of the four were qualified to read the scans they were interpreting.


His report released today says few patients were directly harmed by the misread scans and only one remains practising in the province.

The health ministry says it was alerted in February to discrepancies in scans found as far back as October 2010, when some patients received so-called “false positives” - told they had a disease or problem when they didn't - or were told they were OK when they weren't.

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