ZÜCA Pro Case/Commuter Bag with built-in seat
Around $227, zuca.com/store
Extremely tough piece of kit which is clearly the result of a lot of thought – and a lot of travelling. The Zuca Pro is stylish enough, if slightly boxy, but it’s tough as nails and designed to become a handy seat for those impossibly dull check-in lines. It’s also narrow enough to wheel down an aircraft aisle and compact enough (just) to stash in the overhead lockers from 737’s upwards. It’s also got a lifetime warranty, which is always a vote of confidence.


Grilliput portable barbecue grill
Around $44, grilliput.com
A barbie you can stick in your rucksack. Hell, you can stick it in your pocket! The Grilliput packs down to a small tube approximately 2.2cm wide and 29cm long and weighs just 560g. But unpack it and you have a grilling surface measuring 23cm x 26cm — ideal for one or two people. All the components, frame, grilling bars and legs are stored inside the stainless steel main tube, which feels well bolted together. It’s also dishwasher safe.


Casio Exilim EX-H15
Around $321, casio.com
Superb festival camera. This tough little metal/plastic point-and-shoot has a massive 14 megapixels, a 10x zoom and a very, very wide angle lens that is great for capturing adventures with your mates. It’s a perfect chuck-in-the-rucksack camera hiding some serious technology under the hood. For ease of use, it comes with 40 pre-sets, including the slightly tricksy ‘airbrush’! But all you really need to know is it captures great images with typical Casio warmth of colour and sharpness in all modes. HD video too.