Maarten Bomers was asleep in his Leslieville home when he awoke around 4 a.m. yesterday to an unwelcome odour: The smell of smoke from a fire that was beginning to envelop his garage. Then he heard the blaring sirens of fire trucks on nearby Gerrard Street East, responding to two other fires nearby.

“I thought maybe they were coming down our street,” said the Austin Ave. resident. “I looked around to my backyard, and saw my garage was on fire.”

Bomers, who was still in his underwear, rushed down the stairs to the backyard, and grabbed a 100-foot garden hose that he had given to his wife just 11 days ago for their 27th anniversary.

Bomers said that hose may have helped him save his entire property from being engulfed in flames. “It must have just started,” he said. “Because I got there so quickly, I was able to put it out with it.”

“If there is any consolation, it’s just the fact that there wasn’t any real destruction. I almost feel a little bit guilty, I was very lucky,” Bomers said, referring to three other garages within a one-kilometre radius that police say were hit by arson within 17 minutes overnight.

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