Sometimes, travel gizmos just make sense, and make your trip that much
easier or more enjoyable. Here are some of Metro's favourites:


VUZIX Wrap 920 3D video eyewear
Bored of squinting at Angelina Jolie on a teeny 757 video screen? Then take a pair of these amazing video specs onto the plane and you have the equivalent of an on-board 63” cinema screen. The Wrap 920’s are the most advanced video eyewear available and allow you to watch 2-D or 3-D video and play games by simply attaching to your iPod, Nokia or laptop. They are fully adjustable and you can even wear then over prescription lenses. A built in 3-D head movement tracker adds an amazing new dimension to gaming too.


Ultrasun Sports SPF30 once-a-day suncream
$40 for 150ml,
Amazing no one thought of this before: A high-protection suncream you need only apply once every day — now that is the appliance of science. And it works. No more reaching around in your bag every 30 minutes worrying you are about to burn. It’s also non-greasy, fragrance-free, and not tested on animals. You should reapply after swimming however to be on the safe side.


Lenovo Thinkpad X201 travel laptop
It’s not the most powerful, it’s not the flashiest, it’s not even the sexiest, but when you want a super-reliable, go-anywhere laptop this little Lenovo is a star. The boot-up and power-down times are fantastically quick, and operating speeds generally lighting fast. It has a working battery life of about four hours, and it’s built to last — the steel hinges make other netbooks look like they fell out of a cereal packet. It’s designed to military spec and our test model has travelled 21,000 km on assignments so far, without a blip.