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Three-meat Stromboli

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• 2 loaves (1 lb/500 g each) frozen bread dough, thawed
• 2 tbsp (25 ml) Dijon mustard
• 1/2 cup (125 ml) grated Parmesan cheese, divided
• 1/4 lb (125 g) pastrami, finely chopped
• 1/4 lb (125 g) pepperoni, finely chopped
• 1/4 lb (125 g) hard salami, finely chopped
• 1 cup (250 ml) shredded Swiss cheese
• 1 egg, beaten

1. Roll each loaf of bread into 12-in. x 7-in. (30.5 cm x 18 cm) rectangle. Spread mustard to within 1 in. (2.5 cm) of edges. Sprinkle each with 2 tbsp (25 ml) Parmesan cheese.

2. Combine pastrami, pepperoni, salami and Swiss cheese; sprinkle over dough. Top with remaining Parmesan. Brush edges of dough with egg. Roll up jelly-roll style, beginning with long side. Seal edge and ends.

3. Place seam side down on greased baking sheet; cut three slits in top of each loaf. Bake at 350 F (180 C) 35-40 minutes. Slice; serve warm.

Makes two loaves

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