Gordon Campbell has three-peated as premier of British Columbia as his Liberals edged Carole James’ New Democrats 50-35 to return to power for another four years.

By press time, 8,264 of 10,824 polls had been counted.

“We have to work together to solve the challenges that are in front of us. We should do that with new ideas. We should do that with a commitment to the people who we actually owe this to — our kids and our grandkids,” said Campbell, who was accompanied by his family at a raucous election night celebration party last night at the new Vancouver Convention Centre.

Campbell won his riding of Vancouver-Point Grey with about 50 per cent of votes and saw most members of the Liberal cabinet get re-elected.

“In just eight months tonight, we’ll be here in Vancouver, British Columbia and the worlds’ eyes will be on us,” Campbell said. “That Olympic torch will go through our streets and it will arrive at the opening ceremonies and it will light up not just the aspirations of our athletes and our artists, it will light up the opportunities of British Columbia and Canada in welcoming the world to our home.”

“If we work together, we will all get a gold medal.”

In Victoria, New Democrat Leader Carole James thanked her supporters and said that for her, this election has been about families.

“It’s been such an honour to meet and work with thousands of British Columbians throughout this campaign. To share their struggles and to share their successes and to look forward to a better future,” James said.

Carole won her riding with more than 55 per cent of the vote in Victoria-Beacon Hill.

In 2005, the Liberals captured their second consecutive majority government, winning 46 out of 79 seats.