It's being hailed as the most successful beer launch in Canadian history. Yet the release of Bud Light Lime is creating nothing but headaches for some liquor store owners in our city.

"This is a really unique situation. This is like the 'Tickle Me Elmo' of beer" said Danny Sultanov of K Liquor Store.

Sultunov says he has placed orders for the popular drink every day since it launched last month, yet he has just received his first shipment -- just in time for the weekend.

"It's not gold in a bottle but people are treating it that way," he added.

Soltanov is one of the few stores to have received a shipment. Many stores have been left waiting.

"We put a sign out saying 'No Bud Light Lime,' because every second person was asking for it.'Where's your Bud Light Lime? Where's your Bud Light Lime? It's not here we don't have any" said Mary Ross of Avenue 33 Fine Wines.

Ross says only the major chains seem to be getting stock, while smaller shops like her own are left with disappointed customers.

"I don't know if it's fetish and it will pass or if it's really good beer. I can't get any in to try it, so I don't know." says Ross.

Calgarians who have been lucky enough to find Bud Light Lime seem to enjoy it.

"I'm not usually a beer drinker but I tried some in the States and I liked it and thought, 'Hey I'm going to buy some when I get back to Canada.'" said Nancy Kelln. She says she searched high and low for the brew here at home.

Labatt Breweries admits it was taken off guard. Bud Light Lime in the bottle is brewed in the UK, part of the reason behind the shortage. The company has now started producing the brew in cans in the United States to bring more supply into Canada.

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