Tiger cub christened Vitali by Metro readers

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photo courtesy calgary zoo


This Calgary Zoo Siberian tiger cub has now been named Vitali through a contest held by Metro and the zoo.

Meet Vitali, the Calgary Zoo’s previously unnamed tiger cub — until today that is.

Metro Calgary readers have spoken, with close to 500 casting their votes online at www.metronews.cato help us name the new feline.

Out of four names submitted by the cub’s keepers, Vitali, which means full of life, was head and shoulders above the rest, with a whopping 160 readers picking the name as the most suitable for the spirited three-month-old Siberian tiger.

And what do the cub’s handlers think of the chosen name?

“I think it was rigged,” joked Bill Dubreuil, one of the zoo’s curators.

“I think there should be a recount. Actually, I’m very surprised. We kind of thought people would chose Mr. Whiskers. But we’re OK with Vitali.”

Thanks to the zoo, three lucky readers who cast their votes for Vitali have won great prizes through a random draw, with first prize a-behind-the-scenes tour of the tiger enclosure for an entire family.

And whether you’re one of our winners or not, a visit to the Calgary Zoo to see Vitali and the rest of the animals is well worth the time.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned to Metro Calgary for some more great contests.

To collect your prizes, the winner of the behind-the- scenes tour with the tigers and day passes is asked to e-mail: trishep@calgaryzoo.ab.ca.

And the winner of the annual family pass can e-mail: trishas@calgaryzoo.ab.ca.

And the winners are...

  • FIRST PRIZE: Tegan Olesen (tour of the tigers)

  • SECOND PRIZE: Sarah Kisko (annual family pass)

  • THIRD PRIZE: Linda Hoogstraat (family day pass)

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