Tim Hortons breakfast sandwich has more saturated and trans fats than McDonald’s McMuffin, below.


Tim Hortons is known for its healthy choices, but the coffee chain’s new breakfast sandwiches, which are packed with fat, may be fooling Canadians into a “bad start to your day,” says registered dietitian Jean LaMantia.


“(People) expect more from Tim Hortons because they have fresh sandwiches, whole-grain rolls, lettuce and tomatoes. You would think that you would get something healthier there.”

But Tim Hortons’ new breakfast sandwich — with egg, cheese and a choice of bacon or sausage on a biscuit — contains a day’s worth of fats. “The bad thing is that it contains your entire day’s worth of saturated and trans fats,” she says.

Saturated and trans fats are to be avoided. “Saturates are bad fats. They are the ones that raise your cholesterol levels.”

Tim Hortons breakfast sandwiches exceed the daily 20-gram limit of trans and saturated fats.

The sandwiches are very high in calories. A breakfast sandwich eats up about a quarter of your daily requirement of 2,000 calories.

It can’t be worse than the McDonald’s McMuffin, you say? Once again that is wrong, says LaMantia. McDonald’s closest equivalent, served on an English muffin, is a healthier option because it is lower in saturated and trans fats.

Tim Hortons biscuit is what makes the difference. “What really does it is the tea biscuit… It’s really fatty,” she says.

But don’t shun your favourite coffee and doughnut shop just yet. You can custom-make your breakfast sandwich to make it healthier, says LaMantia. “That was (Tim Hortons) way of improving it.”