Time to cut royal ties?

Should Canada cut ties with the monarchy? Absolutely!

Should Canada cut ties with the monarchy? Absolutely!

The British look down on Canada in contempt, and here we are, absurdly comical hapless serfs with such an inferiority complex, hanging on to a foreign tradition of a tired-out, has-been empire, elevating them as demi-gods!

I love The Queen, but the rest of the clan is a bunch of misfits and fat­cats living high off the hog.

I also believe that at all times, not just during bad, the royal family should be paying its own way, instead of the government forcing working people to foot those enormous bills.

But that is asking too much of a government that spent $1 billion on the G20 summit and has slapped some provinces with an HST!

– Jack G. Ashok, Calgary

In the aftermath of the G20 summit, one burning question keeps coming to mind: How was it possible that “protesters” were able to trash and burn police vehicles?

After over a billion dollars was spent on security, how is it possible that the police were unprepared to defend their property?

It is inconceivable to me that this was not a deliberately staged spectacle to justify the brutal police action that followed.

– Paul Donat, Toronto

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