Starting today, Metro has an all new mobile site, — your best destination for up-to-the-minute news and entertainment on any web-enabled phone.

At, you’ll find these new features — available on your phone, anywhere, any time:

• More news, entertainment, and sports scores.

• Movie reviews, showtimes and, for iPhone users, trailers on-the-go.

• The answers (yes, right away!) to our crosswords and Sudoku puzzles.

• Water-cooler gossip and videos, such as the MetroTube of the Day.

Our new Viigo and iPhone apps download the latest news to your phone, so even if you’re not getting any reception, or someone snagged the last copy of Metro from our boxes, “young, active, metropolitans across Canada can access Metro on their phones whenever they want from wherever they are,” says Metro English Canada Group Publisher Bill McDonald.

Here’s how to do it: Go to or download Viigo for BlackBerry, free at The free iPhone app will be available soon.

So, get smart with Metro at