When guests are coming over, it’s time to tidy up the house and roll out the welcome mat.
That’s exactly what all Torontonians need to do to make visitors feel more welcome, say tourism officials, given that surveys show today’s tourists go home a lot less satisfied with their visits here than they did 20 years ago.

“It’s everyone’s responsibility to sell this city. It’s everyone’s obligation to ensure we welcome our visitors,” Coun. Michael Thompson said at a meeting of the economic development committee yesterday where there was a report on new tourist strategies.

A campaign launched under the slogan “We’ve been expecting you” is meant to make sure tourists feel wanted and loved from the minute they arrive at the airport, train station or hotel. It will encourage average folks to do things like stop on the street to help a visitor fumbling with a map, or go out of their way to explain how the subway system works.


“It goes beyond customer service. It’s the sense of welcome. It’s the things you would do if someone were coming to your house — spruce up the house, get the candles out, put the kids in the backyard,” said David Whitaker, president and CEO of Tourism Toronto.

The agency plans to unveil draft logos for the campaign today.

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