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Self-proclaimed time travelerAndrew D. Basiagoclaims he has seen the future, and it includes his election to the White House. That's why the independent presidential candidate is going up against presidential frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The 54-year-old Washington-based attorney is calling for truth, reform, and innovation – as well as the introduction of the left-field idea of instantaneous transportation across the Earth. The latter might sound zany but, as Basiago explains to Metro, it’s nothing new.

Why have you decided to run for president?

I am running to become America's truth president, to undertake a broad program of reform, and to foster the innovation that is needed for America to thrive in the 21stcentury.


What are the main points of your political agenda?

– I have set out my political agenda in my “100 Proposals,” which havebeen called “awesome,” “brilliant,” “genius-in-print,” “mind blowing,” “unrivaled,” and “a life experience to read.” In them, I propose establishing a permanent truth process in the US government; repealing the repressive legislation of the post-9/11 era, including the Patriot Act and the NDAA (The National Defense Authorization Act); and our chief technical goal is to achieve global public teleportation.

You have vowed that if elected President, you will lead the American people into a "bold, new era of Truth, Reform, and Innovation as great as they are great.” These are very strong words, so how would you approach gun ownership and improve race relations in a divided country?

– There is a mass shooting every day in this country. Invariably, the perpetrator has a history of criminal violence or mental illness or both.I would create a national database of the criminally violent and the mentally ill. Gun ownership would be denied to those listed in the database. As for race relations, I would assemble a government that embodies the diversity of the American people.

In your opinion, what is the truth about Donald Trump? Is he a racist or is he actually the standard-bearer for a new America?

– I don't think Trump is a racist. I think he is demagoguing the fact that the wave of immigration since 1965 has overwhelmed the American people, especially in job creation, education, healthcare, and transportation. Americans feel pressured by migrants. For this reason, I am calling for a temporary, across-the-board moratorium on immigration.

In your opinion, what’s the truth behind Hillary Clinton’s email scandal?

– Honestly, I haven't followed it. I view it as ‘just politics.’ Instead, I have been focusing on what is needed at this critical juncture in our nation's history, which is visionary government.

Why are neither of the other candidates fit to run the country?

– Trump is a toxic egotist with an active-negative personality. He will never be able to escape the fact that he is a billionaire running at the end of a bankster era who has spent his entire adult life trying to become more rich. Clinton is a pathological liar and manipulative opportunist. It should now be obvious to all that she is involved in politics simply to enrich herself and not to benefit the country.

In the past, you’ve spoken about your time travel experiences. Could you describe exactly what you have seen?

– During my childhood experiences in Project Pegasus, I took part in time travel probes to the future that revealed to me that I am a future president. I also attended luncheons held in Albuquerque, N.M. in which George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and in a separate luncheon, Bill Clinton, were being feted by Project Pegasus shortly after they were apprised of their destinies. Then, during my experiences in the Mars jump room program, it was revealed to Barack Obama and I that we would be future Presidents. Unlike Bush, Clinton, and Obama, I have revealed to American people that time travel technology has been used for decades to identify future Presidents.

How could this be possible?

– Project Pegasus developed eight modalities of time travel by 1970. These technologies have allowed DARPA [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. – Ed.] to either send somebody to a past or future event or model a hologram of a past or future event. The two modalities in which my presidential destiny was foreseen by me were the Montauk chair and the chronovisor.

What are these things?

– The Montauk chair is a magnetic transducer that boosts human psychic performance, so that the chrononaut pre-experiences a moment in his subjective future. The chronovisor is an electro-optical device that creates a hologram so dense that it has a lensing effect whereby a past or future event is brought into the laboratory. Undoubtedly, the CIA findings, which were shared with me in 1980 and 2000, confirming that I am a future president was also based on sending U.S. chrononauts to the future.

How will your knowledge of the past and future help you in running the country?

– Primarily by understanding the trajectory that applied science will take in the 21stCentury.Imagine living in a world in which one can jump through Grand Central Teleport in New York City, travel through a tunnel in time-space, and emerge several seconds later at Union Teleport in Los Angeles. During my Presidency, such a world will emerge. Humanity will be linked by teleportation around the globe.

So, are you going to develop time travel technology for Americans to use on a daily basis?

– What I have vowed to do as President is declassify and deploy the Tesla teleportation technology that was developed by Project Pegasus when I was serving on it in the 1970s. It will be introduced for real-time transport. After implementing Tesla teleportation between major American cities, we will then link our teleports to major world cities. I am not advocating that the public become involved in time travel. Mass people being involved in mass time travel on mass time lines would lead to mass chaos.

What’s the most crucial thing the U.S. has to do now?

– We must take emergency measures to retrofit the US electrical grid from an electro-magnetic pulse event. If this event were to occur from a natural cause or an act of war or terrorism, we would be thrust back to a 1776 level of existence in the blink of an eye. It would take us four to five years to recover. In my view, the $2 billion that it would cost to prevent such a catastrophic event would be money well spent. By comparison, we spent $2trillionfighting the Iraq war.

Do you realistically think you can win or is your candidacy to show that the American political system is broken?

– Yes, I think I can win. The election is six months away. Jesse Ventura has vowed to wage an independent candidacy if Sanders is denied the Democratic nomination.If this happens, then watch what will follow.The focus will shift to independent candidates like Ventura and I.

If you were to become POTUS, what would your first three steps be?

– First, I would convene a joint session of Congress and urge Congress to allocate $2 billion to retrofit the US electrical grid from an EMP event. It is a matter of utmost national urgency that we do so.

Second, I would contact Russian President Vladimir Putin and propose that in exchange for Russia being admitted to NATO, the US would join with it in developing the non-Russian republics. Rather than fighting a proxy war against Russia, we should be pursuing constructive engagement with it.

Third, I would ban chemtrail spraying by US agencies and ask other world governments to do so, too. Dr. Teller's plan to stem global warming by spraying oxides of aluminum and barium into the troposphere has been an abject failure. It has led to widespread respiratory distress. Instead, I would use my authority as president to release the hidden advanced technologies, including new energy sources, around which we can both craft a response to climate change and achieve energy independence.

When I do these things, the American people will see that they have a president in the White House who puts their interests first.

— Dmitry Belyaev, Metro World News

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