No good deed involving doughnuts, it appears, goes unpunished.


Two weeks after an employee at a Tim Hortons in London was fired, then rehired, after she gave a child a free Timbit, Toronto investment manager Teresa Lee bought breakfast Wednesday for a pregnant


homeless woman at a Tim Hortons downtown — then was scolded by a restaurant employee unhappy the homeless woman stayed in the restaurant to eat.


The employee, Lee said, told her the Tim Hortons at King and Victoria streets does not let homeless people eat inside, even if they are eating Tim Hortons food, because they “make a mess.”


The homeless woman, Tim Hortons spokesperson Rachel Douglas wrote in an e-mail yesterday, had been “disruptive to customers and staff” on “several” occasions in the past. But Douglas did not say the woman had caused any problems Wednesday morning, and she apologized later to Lee — though Lee was not satisfied with what Douglas said.