Carr Hagerman knows how to juggle the demands of being a business owner. He also knows how to juggle.

Hagerman, co-author of Top Performer: A Bold Approach To Sales And Service, says his years as a street performer helped him develop strategies to establish connections with customers, co-workers and superiors.

“It’s about claiming a pitch and claiming a voice, and really owning it,” says Hagerman, who has owned and managed stores, restaurants and a special events production company.


In the book, Hagerman and Stephen Lundin give tips on how to “build a circle,” or attract an audience, and “develop insurance,” a vaudeville term for “that extra something ... you can pull it out of your pocket and you’ll know it works,” Hagerman said.

The idea is not to teach a business person to act like a street performer, but to find ways to draw people in and solve problems deftly.

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