Five ways to make your cover letter stand out:


1. Find out what your target employer’s slogan, jingle or mission statement is and brainstorm ways to include it in your cover letter’s introduction. This technique will quickly capture the reader’s attention, demonstrate that you are familiar with the employer and stand out from other candidates’ one-size-fits-all cover letters.

2. Add a table or two-column section that closely connects the employer’s requirements to your qualifications and professional achievements. This strategy will quickly provide the employer with concrete evidence that you’re a good fit for the job and worth learning more about.

3. Begin with a thought-provoking quote relevant to the position, the employer’s goals or your target industry. Many people love to read, share and ponder quotes. Including one in your cover letter can be a quick and effective way to engage the reader.

4. Add a “P.S.” to the end of your cover letter. Often, it’s the first thing a person will read.

5. Feature a strong headline near the beginning of the cover letter. To keep it brief, yet powerful, address one of the employer’s key concerns, spotlight your expertise or promote an attribute that will be particularly appealing.