Despite the sleepless nights and non-stop dirty diapers, 30 per cent of Canadian moms with children less than three years old have never spent a night away from their baby, according to research from Playtex Infant. Moms in B.C. (39 per cent) were most likely to have never spent a night without their child compared to those in Atlantic Canada (20 per cent).

Playtex Infant brand wants mom and baby to love every moment -- even those moments apart -- and offers the following tips to ease separation anxiety:

Stay strong or fake it
Babies can pick up emotion, so it's important to exude confidence when your child meets their babysitter and during your goodbye. Avoid prolonged goodbyes and don't come back in the room until you return from your outing.

Hire family or familiar faces first
Try to leave your baby with family or ask your babysitter to arrive at least 30 minutes before you depart so your baby can become familiar with the sitter.

When all else fails, give them a soother
Playtex Ortho Pro and Binky pacifiers not only soothe babies and moms, but are also clinically shown not to interfere with baby's natural oral development.

Play peek-a-boo
Games like this will help your baby understand that things that go away also come back.

Make sure your baby is well fed and awake
Separation can be harder on a tired or hungry baby, so try to time your goodbyes when your baby is happy, well-rested and full.

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