Spring and summer are great times to go on road trips with the entire family — including Fido and Felix. Here are a few travel Dos (and one travel Don’t) to prepare for your pet's big adventure.

• Do visit your veterinarian before you leave to ensure your pet is travel-ready. Request an updated health certificate with information on vaccinations, and if necessary re-stock on your pet’s medication.

• Do ask your veterinarian what to include in your pet's first aid kit (ointments, bandages, etc).

• Do update your pet’s tags with your cell phone number, or have Fido and Felix microchipped. Bring a current photo and description of your loved one; in case they get lost, you won’t be scrambling.

• Do reserve ahead at a pet-friendly hotel chain. Ensure they know to expect your pet, and confirm the details of your reservation before you leave.

• Do schedule regular breaks during your road trip to take Fido and Felix on regular walks. It’s just as important for dogs, cats and other travelling companions to stretch their legs as it is for humans. Remember the pooper scoopers.

• Do bring water for the long road trip ahead to keep your furry friends hydrated.

• Do bring the comforts of home for your pet, such as their bed, favourite toy(s), regular food and treats.

• Do plan activities with your pet so they don’t stay alone in the hotel room. Many Canadian hotels provide suggestions on local area pet-friendly attractions, nearby off-leash dog parks, and other fun things to keep Fido and Felix, as well as the whole family, entertained.

• Don’t leave your furry friends in the car. In warm or hot weather, even if the windows are left slightly open the car can quickly become an inferno and give your pet heat stroke. Always have someone stay with your pet, or, take them with you.

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