If your kitchen needs an update but you don’t have the time or money to spend on a complete renovation, brighten it up with a backsplash. Not only will it add texture and colour, but it will help protect the walls from water, food and grease damage.


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Here’s a few tips on how to tile your kitchen backsplash.


Surface preparation

Be sure that the drywall is secure. Fill any nicks or low spots by patching with drywall compound and sand to level.


Wipe the wall to ensure that the surface is free of dust, oil and residue. This guarantees a strong adhesive bond between the wall and tile.


Determine where to start

Measure the installation site to determine how many tiles you will need to purchase, as well as to locate the best place to start tiling.

It is best to hide cuts in corners and under cabinets, leaving the full tiles in areas that will draw the most attention.

Apply mortar

Begin spreading the glue or mortar with the flat side of a trowel to ensure good adhesion. Using the notched side of the trowel, go over the glue to remove any excess.

The size of the notches will be determined by the thickness of the tile, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Install tiles

Begin installing the first tile or sheet by working off the countertop surface. This will ensure the installation is level because the countertops would have been leveled when installed.

Place tiles in position as close as possible to avoid sliding tiles into place in the mortar.

Tap each tile once with a rubber mallet to ensure they have adhered properly to the mortar.

Make cuts

A dry cutter, wet saw or tile nippers may be used to fit around electrical boxes, cabinets, etc.

Tile saws can be rented at many hardware rental spots, saving you lots of time and stress throughout your renovation.

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