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Students living in a dorm or apartment often find personalizing living spaces challenging. Consider the following tips from The Home Depot Canada:

• Get grounded: Adding an area rug can disguise shabby floors and create a focal point in a room.

• Paint: Refresh the look of any space by splashing on a fresh coat of paint. But check dorm or apartment rules before grabbing your brush.

• Tick-tock: An alarm clock is every student’s best friend to get them out of bed and to their early morning classes.

• Entertainment: Electronic gadgets like televisions, DVD players and stereos are popular fixtures in student rooms. House these items in a media storage cabinet to safeguard these items from harm.

• Snack attack: Equip your room with small appliances (microwaves, mini fridges and espresso machines). Don’t forget to add a few dishes, cups and cutlery.

• Study buddy: Depending on study habits, add a desk, beanbag or leather chair to the room. A lamp will also accommodate late night studying.