Make sure you practice proper tire inflation techniques before the snow flies or you could find yourself needing a tow truck, or worse, an ambulance.

Since the air pressure in tires supports the weight of your car, it is absolutely vital that you inflate your tires to just the right degree. This is especially important in winter when tires lose their pressure faster in colder weather.

Here are a few tips from Transport Canada to maintain proper winter tire inflation:

• Measure your tire inflation at least once a month;

• Measure the pressure when the tires are cold (after two hours of non-use or less than two kilometres of driving). Tires lose pressure when the air temperature gets colder (about seven kilopascals, or one pound per square inch, for every 5°C drop in temperature).

• Inflate your tires to the recommended pressures printed on the label inside your car or in your owner's manual;

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