Re: "Pregnant women need support: Lisi Tesher’s column," Mar. 14:


Rarely do I ever feel the need to respond to a newspaper article, but I simply had to let Lisi know how disappointed I was with this article I read in Wednesday’s paper.


As a young married man with a wonderful partner, I thought the article would be a guide on what support I could give my wife when she becomes pregnant. Indeed, I made a note to keep the article. That is, until I read it.


Thanks ever so much for making me feel that I cannot help my wife at all because of biology, or that no matter how much I do, it will never be enough. The way you dismiss the efforts that men make to support their wives and partners during pregancy is telling.


Men like myself are tired of the lazy male versus burdened female attitude that you so vividly illustrate.

In the end Lisi, you missed the mark. It is not necessary to talk down to us men. This may surprise you, but we are already way beyond where your message is supposed to lead us.