Marc Bence/for metro edmonton


Coun. Michael Phair and Lyall Brenneis, of Parks Edmonton, lay the last tile, made of recycled tires, at Dr. Wilbert McIntyre Park.


You might say the look of Dr. Wilbert McIntyre Park was, well, a little tired.

Now the park and summer activities hub in the Old Strathcona neighbourhood is very tired, thanks to a city revitalization project using sidewalk pads made from recycled wheel rubber.

Next to the Strathcona Library on 83 Avenue, McIntyre Park is one of several park projects included in the city’s Recycling Management Association program, which sees 20 million tires recycled and reused into sidewalks.

The park’s new design incorporates technologies meant to address accessibility, safety, versatility and environmental issues, said Coun. Michael Phair, who represents the Strathcona and downtown neighbourhoods.

“The new design means groups will continue enjoying festivals and activities here for years to come,” he said.

The revamped park will be more inviting to pedestrians during the summer, he added, while being a better host for large-scale events.

The city’s well-known fringe festival takes over the park every August, where thousands of people trample the grass into dirt. The new design will make clean-up efforts after such large festivals faster and easier.

“The more things that happen here at the park will encourage more people to come and enjoy themselves where it’s safe,” Phair added. “With the library, it will make people in Strathcona feel like home.”