Merry Chistmas, taxpayers!


That is the message Massachusetts Sen. Anthony Gallucio had for all of us when he pleaded guilty last week to leaving the scene of a hit-and-run accident where a 13-year-old was injured; a crash that took place roughly 12 hours after the Cambridge Police spotted him legless in a gas station at 4 a.m. and gave him a ride home.


Or so they thought. Gallucio was so “Gallucio-ed” —the new hipster term for absolutely, positively obliterated on booze — that he could not tell the Cambridge police where he lived. They drove him to his old house, the one he shared with his mother. He had since moved, but forgot to tell the cops that.


Hours later he rear-ended a minivan and left the scene. This is a guy who writes laws. He clearly broke the law, and it wasn’t the first time. Gallucio has a history of drunk driving and a couple of questionable crashes.


Yet the besotted pol got a wrist slap: six months of home confinement. The real slap was delivered to the faces of his constituents. Us. We just got a lump of coal — again — from the Legislature.

What is going to be the excuse that Senate President Therese Murray comes up with this time? When the former state-senator-turned-sex-predator James “Jimmy who thinks with his Willy” Marzilli was pinched for assaulting women in Lowell and leading cops on a foot chase — that’s a foot chase that came after he told cops his name was Marty Walsh, the state rep from Dorchester — Murray blamed the bust on some sort of mental illness.

While Marzilli was supposed to be in some nuthouse he was instead representing Massachusetts on a free junket to Europe. When Sen.Sleazy Dianne Wilkerson was caught stuffing C-notes into her bra, Murray said she would trust the judiciary to take the charges seriously. It took a few days for her and her colleagues to force Wilkerson to quit.

What is it going to take this time? The adage “there but for the Grace of God go I” applies to someone who makes a bad choice and drives drunk maybe once. We might be forgiving the second time. But a third time? Give me a break.

Galluccio needs to do the right thing and step down immediately. It’s not enough for Murray to strip him of his chairmanships — which are worth extra cash in both his paycheck and his pension.
It’s time to take away his keys — and not just to his car. How about the ones to his State House office?

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