The 100-year anniversary is coming up in 2012. Are there any plans in the works? Steve Blasco, scientist at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, says yes. There’s a group called
Titanic 2012 in the HRM who are working with the province and the HRM to plan a significant event to celebrate 2012.

Will it be a tourist draw?

Definitely. I’m on the steering committee for that project and we already have cruise ships that are interested in coming to Halifax at that time. We’re also looking at what kind of events would be of interest to the public for 2012. That’s everything from lectures in schools right through to having a conference.

What’s the conference about?
It will be open to the public about what has been learned from the Titanic since its been discovered. In 2012, the results of this expedition that is starting shortly — those scientists involved will be here. In 2012 in Halifax, you will actually hear about the results of that expedition and what 3-D imagery they collected and the deterioration of the Titanic.

Will director James Cameron come to town?
That would be lovely. At this point in time, that would be a good idea.