“Teachers are angels disguised as humans.”

Jemy Joseph looked out from the podium to her graduating class at Francis Libermann School. How far she had come since arriving at the age of 14 from India feeling scared and confused about life in a strange new country.

“I was verbally abused and bullied by other students,” she says.

It was her Canadian teachers that provided the turning point for Jemy in her early years in Canada.


“They dragged me into extracurricular activities. I joined the band and became the editor of the yearbook.”

Under the gentle guidance and leadership of her teachers, Jemy graduated with top honours and is now pursuing medicine at the University of Ottawa after earning a master's degree in Cardiovascular Sciences from the University of Toronto.

“I will be a doctor and I’d like to focus on public health, preventative medicine and health policy.”

We are now on the threshold of a new school year and this is Jemy Joseph’s love letter to all the teachers who helped her and scores of young people fit in, learn and succeed.

To all of our teachers in life, we say thank you.

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