Heavier women comforting to stressed men

Study subjects: Eighty-one heterosexual, white men aged 18 to 42

Location of study: U.S.

Results: A recent study found published in the online journal PLOS ONE found that men in the test group with more stress rated women with normal to high body mass indexes as more attractive than slimmer or thin women.

Significance: Whether this has any real significance beyond what's already known -- i.e. men are attracted to women who appear fertile -- isn't known.

Alcohol and hormone therapy a risky cocktail

Study subjects: 40,000 postmenopausal women

Location of study: U.S.

Results: A study by the Cancer Prevention Institute of California found that women using hormone therapy who also consumed a moderate amount of alcohol had an increased risk of breast cancer. Part of the group who stopped using hormone therapy, but continued to have a moderate alcohol consumption, saw a drop in their risk. Women using hormone therapy who consumed two or more drinks per day approximately doubled their risk over those who used hormone therapy alone.

Significance: The research provides more insight into the link between alcohol and breast cancer.

U.S. OKs wider Truvada use

Study subjects: Various data

Location of study: U.S.

Results: Truvada, which has been restrictively used to treat AIDS patients since 2004, has now been approved by the FDA as a preventive measure for all high-risk groups, including straight sexually active adults. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says straight people make up more than a quarter of new HIV cases each year.

Significance: Expanding prescribing protocol could help stem the disease.

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