Working from home is an appealing option for many professionals.


“We now have the ability to do anything anywhere there is Internet. Now we've brought the flexibility to the everyday guy on the street.”

It’s 8:45 a.m. when you finally decide to roll out of bed, but instead of scrambling for the shower, pulling on whatever is clean and running out the door, how about just going down to your home office and turning on your laptop?

These days more companies are starting to understand that having the option to work from home at least once a week does attract young blood. Young professionals know technology and what it can do, they also know the importance of work-life balance.

“I think the shorter four day workweek or the part-time working schedule fits in very well with young professionals who recognize that they want to achieve balance in all parts of their lives, not just in the work area,” says Judy Librach, a life coach from Findingyourbliss.

com. “It helps when we can be flexible with our workweek and alter it accordingly to fit into schedules. It often means we are less stressed and exhausted because we eliminate the travel portion of our day getting to and from work.”

Rick Ullyot, an independent consultant in Toronto, specializing in remote telecommuting issues, says communication technology advances have made working remotely very easy.

“Back when the PC first started, there were not a lot of communications options,” says Ullyot, adding most people worked independently on their desktops before networks were created within companies and eventually telecomputing, which allowed different branches to stay connected to each other.

Ullyot recalls when telecomputing really took off in the 1980s it helped to make the business world more efficient and it’s happening again today.

“We now have the ability to do anything anywhere there is Internet,” he says. “Now we’ve brought the flexibility to the everyday guy on the street.”

By setting up a secured area on the Internet, you can now log-in at your home computer and work off your desktop at work with just a click of a mouse, says Ullyot.

“It has really become a truly portable society,” he says.

Although there are numerous benefits to working remotely such as no commuting time,it’s important to view these flexible workdays the same as a regular day at the office.

“Don’t agree to a more flexible schedule if you know that you don’t possess the discipline to make it work. You still have to stick to a daily schedule and show up at your computer or your desk every day and do the work that needs to get done,” says Librach.

Now with the help of the Internet the world feels a lot smaller, and working from home or abroad is a viable option.

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