The FCC repealed net neutrality and the internet has a lot to say

People turned to social media to express their thoughts on the matter.
Net Neutrality
People react to the FCC net neutrality vote that took place Thursday. Photo: Getty Images

In a 3-2 vote Thursday afternoon, the FCC ruled to overturn the laws protecting net neutrality. It was highly anticipated and highly protested — and a lot of people are speaking their minds about it (naturally). Protesters argue that without these laws, ISPs could interfere with content and skyrocket prices to prohibit small companies (and small people) from accessing services. Those for the repeal are saying the Internet will still be a free market and nothing will change. 


Advocacy groups have already initiated a campaign for Congress to overturn the ruling, since it won't go into effect for a number of months (about 60 days after being published in the Federal Register). 


Big-name companies, politicians and the general public took to social media to express their support or dissent, and in case you are tired of scrolling through your feed, we've compiled reactions that show both sides.


For the repeal



Ok…now on to the good stuff.

Against the repeal


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