Special counsel Robert Mueller. (Photo: Getty Images)

Ready, aim…fire Robert Mueller!

Isn’t that where Donald Trump is heading next? He’s sending out some dire signals, that’s for sure.

In a barrage of increasingly furious weekend tweets, the angry president complained with fresh bitterness about the terrible unfairness of the special counsel investigation that’s closing in on him: “The Mueller probe should never have been started…no collusion…no crime…Fake Dossier…Crooked Hillary and the DNC…WITCH HUNT!...lying James Comey…13 hardened Democrats, some big Crooked Hillary supporters, and zero Republicans….And yet, there is NO COLLUSION!”

If Twitter had its own greatest hits albums, that right there would be the one for @realDonaldTrump.


After tweet-firing Secretary of State of Rex Tillerson and then further sliming the FBI’s freshly fired Andrew McCabe, the president is now explicitly targeting the biggest threat of all. A Mueller whacking feels so imminent, even pro-Trump Sen. Lindsey Graham felt duty-bound to speak up on Sunday. “As I’ve said before,” the South Carolina Republican told CNN’s Jake Tapper, “if he tried to do that, it would be the beginning of the end of his presidency.”

A clear warning, this is called.

When it comes to Trump Administration firings, it’s never the ones who deserve it most. This White House, loaded as it is with lightweights and sycophants, is certainly a target-rich environment: Princess Ivanka. Her know-it-all husband, Jared. Clueless cabinet secretaries like Betsy DeVos (sec of charter schools), Ben Carson (sec of privatizing public housing), Scott Pruitt (sec of environmental degradation) and Rick Perry (sec of giving the energy companies whatever they want).

Why not fire some of them?

Instead, it’s the relative grown-ups who find themselves on the shakiest ground—a roster that now includes chief of staff John Kelly, national security adviser H.R. McMaster and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Don’t bet on their futures, either.

Metro columnist Ellis Henican is the best-selling author of a dozen books including “Trumpitude: The Secret Confessions of Donald’s Brain.” Join Ellis on Twitter @henican.

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