today's lunar eclipse
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You probably already heard it on TV or through your Alexa news brief, but today's lunar eclipse is a big deal. The total lunar eclipse today will be the longest of the whole century, and it’s also a blood moon. But since it won’t be visible in North America, how do you get a glimpse of this history-making event on high? We’ve got you covered.

You don’t have to understand the science behind today’s lunar eclipse to appreciate its beauty. The moon will fill the sky with a spectacular glow and take on a ruddy rust hue that’s beautiful, and vaguely creepy. If you want a deeper understanding of what’s happening out in space today, you can check out our guide to today’s lunar eclipse blood moon. We’ll tell you why it’s such a big deal, why it looks red and what else is going on in space at the same time. (Hint: It’s a pretty impressive time for Mars, too.)

But if it’s not visible in North America, how can you get a glimpse of today’s lunar eclipse? Don’t worry, like basically everything else happening these days, there’s an eclipse 2018 live stream.

How to watch today's lunar eclipse

Today’s lunar eclipse will be most visible for many parts of Africa, the Middle East, southern Asia and the Indian Ocean region if the weather cooperates. South America and Australia will both get glimpses of the event, though only the tail ends. The biggest show, when the total eclipse happens, is what you really want to see — and that’s also what the eclipse 2018 live stream will capture for stargazers in other regions.


today's lunar eclipse sky

Although the lunar event starts at 3:30 pm EST and lasts until 5:13 pm EST today, you’re at least going to want to make time in your schedule to catch today’s lunar eclipse around 4:21 pm EST. That’s when the lunar eclipse is total and at its peak. Keep this page open so you can pop in and hit play on the live stream below when you want to take in a couple minutes of natural beauty. The eclipse 2018 live stream turns on at 1:00 pm EST.


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