Injured Another child has fallen out of a window in Ottawa, this time surviving the fall, but landing in hospital with serious injuries.


A 16-month-old child fell out of a sixth-floor apartment window at 6:46 p.m. last night, onto the grass at the rear of a Woodridge Crescent building in the Bayshore area, according to Ottawa Paramedic Service spokesman Jean-Paul Trottier.


When paramedics arrived, the toddler was conscious, crying and moving. Police are investigating. No other details were available at Metro’s deadline.


It is the third time in less than two months that children have tumbled out of windows in Ottawa.


On June 26, a three-year-old boy died after falling from a 15th-storey window at an Ottawa Community Housing Corporation high-rise building on Caldwell Avenue.

And on July 5, a nine-month old girl toppled out of a second-storey townhouse window at Blair and Innes Roads, but suffered only head injuries and bruises.

The latter incident prompted an appeal by city officials for parents to move furniture away from windows and to install devices that prevent windows from opening all the way.