Tom Green has done pretty much everything when it comes to entertainment. And now the renowned Canadian funnyman, actor, writer, rapper and talk-show host is coming back to his roots in standup comedy.

Green is touring Nova Scotia this week for his World Stand-up Comedy Tour, including tonight in Halifax at The Schooner Room at Casino Nova Scotia.

On standup comedy:
“I grew up watching standup and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I was doing standup when I was a teenager but I stopped for 15 years and I really have always sort of been pining away to go back and do it again. So this has kind of been an exciting year for me.”

On writing material:
“I always start with what makes me laugh. I’m talking about things that have affected my life, talking a lot about technology and talking about a lot of things that have changed in my lifetime, and poking fun at that — our obsession with computers and social networking and our cellphones and how we’ve all sort of turned into this technologically dependent society that doesn’t talk to each other the same way as we did 20 years ago.”

On social networking sites:
“I really think that it’s a big problem that people are on Facebook. I just cancelled my Facebook page.”