Personal trainers Michelle Liliefeldt, 32, and Marshall Tully, 38, offer exercise tips aimed at glutes and triceps

Tricep Skull Crusher




Sets: Women: 10-15, with 5-8 lb. weights. Men: 8-12, with 8-15 lb. weights.


RICHARD LAUTENS/Torstar News Service

  1. Holding weights, sit on exercise ball. Walk feet forward, rolling back down ball, until just head and shoulders are on the ball.

  2. Keep abs tight and hips lifted with knees at 90-degree angle to the ground. Make sure you are stable and balanced.

RICHARD LAUTENS/Torstar News Service

  1. Extend arms, palms holding weights facing in. Keep elbows in and arms parallel.

  2. Slowly bring weights toward shoulders, then until arms are bent at 90-degree angle. Rotate forearm to face palms outward as arms straighten to start position.

  3. Finish with arms straight out and palms inward.

Ball Lunge

Keith Beaty/Torstar News Service

Reps: 6-8; 2-3 sets

1. Stand straight, feet hip-width apart, holding a ball (basketball or volleyball) above shoulders.

Keith Beaty/Torstar News Service

  1. Slowly lunge right leg forward, to 90-degree angle, while lowering ball in front of right knee and to the floor.

  2. Using grounded right heel, push yourself back to standing start position with ball held overhead. Keep eyes forward and chest raised throughout.