Having high-profile entrants in an open mayoral race isn’t deterring lesser-known candidates from sticking it out to the bitter end.

And a city politics professor for Mount Royal University said there is no reason it should intimidate them into dropping out of the race — since it’s still early in the battle.

“I think it’s more so divided between serious contenders and non-serious contenders and I think eventually there may be serious contenders dropping out if they are looking at fourth or fifth,” Prof. Duane Bratt said.

While some believe Ward 12 Ald. Ric McIver is a frontrunner to replace Bronconnier, he won’t comment on what any candidates may do and only speak for himself.

“My job is to be the right choice for Calgarians,” McIver said.

“But I think the number of candidates is good for democracy.”

For his part, despite running up against the likes of McIver, Liberal MLA Kent Hehr and Ald. Joe Connelly, activist Paul Hughes says the more the merrier when it comes to a political showdown.

“I think it’s great for opening and creating dialogue and I am in it until the end. For me this is a marathon and win or lose it’s a great experience and I am there to give people a choice,” he said.

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