Is a beard transplant for you? Is a beard transplant for you?
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Hipsters are everywhere these days. You can't walk down the anywhere anymore without seeing a pair of skinny jeans on a handlebar mustachioed 20-something, a group ordering a round of Pabst pounders at a dive bar or kids in ironic thrift store T-shirts smoking Parliaments waiting in line to see a band you've never heard of.

But head to these college campuses, and you'll come across these instances more than any other campuses in the country. ranked the top 10 most hipster college campuses. Is your school on the list?


10. Maryland Institute College of Art —Baltimore, Maryland

9. Virginia Commonwealth University —Richmond, VA

8. Colorado College —Colorado Springs, CO

7. Emerson College —Boston, MA

6. Brown University —Providence, RI

5. Oberlin College —Oberlin, OH

4. Sarah Lawrence College —Bronxville, NY

3. Portland State University —Portland, OR

2. Bard College —Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

1. New York University — New York, NY

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