VIDEO: Top 10 news reporter fails of 2013

Sometimes it's hard reporting the news.

star-trek-facepalm1 Captain Picard can't believe what he's watching.
Credit: YouTube


Sometimes reporting the news is harder than it looks. Every day reporters are faced with the challenge of delivering news reports on live television without a hitch and maintain a high level of professionalism while the cameras are on.


There are those special (and hilarious) occasions when TV anchors can not seem to get anything right.


Here are our picks for the top 10 news reporter fails of 2013.


1. This reporter inadvertently draws a penis

2. One news anchor describes her vibrating toothbrush during a news segment

3. Humans hunted the "dildo" into extinction

4. These goats were done with the interview

5. Anchor mistakes NBA legend Bill Russell for Morgan Freeman.

6. South Dakota reporter A.J. Clements drops F-bomb

7. Reporter gets knocked over by man with football

8. News reporter gets trolled

9. Reporter fails in a major way before reporting about Gay Pride Festival

10. The moon comes out

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