Anything your ex gave you

It’s time to start fresh with each other. Love the teddy bear your ex-boyfriend won for you at the local fair?

Give it one last squeeze, then bid adieu.

Things from another decade


Acid wash jeans must go, along with anything with shoulder pads.

You get the drill.

Bridesmaid dresses you will never wear again.

You might still be pouting about the money you had to fork over for your bestie’s wedding, but if you haven’t worn a dress for more than a year, it’s time to give it the old heave-ho. The closet isn’t just for you any more.

International arsenal of magnets.

A lobster from your road trip to Nova Scotia, a yellow taxi cab from that weekend getaway to NYC: Magnets may seem little, but they add a ton of clutter to a space. Repeat: A clutter-free fridge is a happy fridge; a happy fridge means a happy relationship.

Sports memorabilia

Hoarding the big foam finger you sported when your team got the winning point will not bring back the team’s glory days (or your youth). Players move on; so should you.

Video games

Seen The Break-Up? Vince Vaughn’s Gary gets the boot for his lazy ways, which include a relationship with his gaming system that overshadows that with his girlfriend. Replace Grand Theft Auto with cuddle time so you’re not demoted to cold nights on the couch.

Your stash of fashion magazines

It all started with your subscription to Teen, and you never looked back. Remember the Earth is your friend, and all that paper could go in your recycling bin.

Your flea-market finds

Sometimes you can find real treasures at the local thrift shop or garage sale, but often times another person’s junk is well, just junk. Review that mismatched armchair and foot rest with critical, objective eyes.

Your overflowing yet still undervalued baseball card collection.
You collected, you clung, you clinched no money. Release these cards to their destiny – the local pawn shop – and say hello to adulthood.

Ratty alma mater duds
They were there for you during rough times: Cramming for finals, working on a doomed essay the night before it was due, dealing with the anxiety of being a new grad without a job. But let’s face it: Nobody wants to see you in tattered sweats and tees, no matter how much they love you. Treat these like a garden salad and toss!

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