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Top 36 revealed on latest edition of American Idol

Maybe Tatiana Del Toro will stop crying now.

Maybe Tatiana Del Toro will stop crying now.

The 23-year-old sobbin' singer was revealed as one of the 36 semifinalists during Wednesday's episode of "American Idol." Del Toro and the 53 other remaining hopefuls had to face their final judgment during the last phase of competition before the semifinals of the popular Fox singing contest.

Other semifinalists include: over-the-top comedian Nick "Normund Gentle" Mitchell, graduate student Anoop Desai, duelling piano player Matt Giraud, mother-of-three Lil Rounds, theatre actor Adam Lambert, oil rig worker Michael Sarver, welder Matt Breitzke, blind pianist Scott MacIntyre and Joanna Pacitti, who released an album on Geffen Records in 2006.

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