Nature Girl

Author: Carl Hiaasen

Publisher: Random House

Price: $32.95, HC


Set in the wilderness of Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands, Hiaasen’s latest novel is just as hilarious as one would expect if you’ve ever read one of his books. Honey Santana has a plan to rid everyone of dinnertime calls when she takes telemarketer Boyd Shreave and his mistress Eugenie to the islands. Little does she know she is being followed by a kooky cast of characters that make this story an engaging comic adventure.


How Lance Does It: Put the Success Formula of a Champion into Everything You Do

Author: Brad Kearns

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Price: $24.95, HC

Lance Armstrong’s longtime friend and former champion professional triathlete, Brad Kearns, shares the four factors he believes will help anyone face the challenges in his or her life. He points out you do not have to be an athlete to institute these guidelines in your life — maintaining a positive attitude, developing a clear sense of purpose, specializing your intelligence and having pure confidence in yourself — in this helpful and insightful book.

Taming The Beast

Author: Emily Maguire

Publisher: Harper Collins

Price: $17.50, TP

Sarah Clark is only 14 years old when she begins an illicit and destructive affair with her high school English teacher Mr. Carr. Even though her best friend Jamie tries to convince her to end things, she is adamant he is the love of her life. Seven years later, Mr. Carr re-enters her life, but is Sarah the same person she once was? Maguire has created an emotionally charged, powerful story that will intrigue readers from the very first page.

Fried Eggs With Chopsticks

Author: Polly Evans

Publisher: Random House

Price: $17, TP

Polly Evans who wrote about her journey through Spain in It’s Not About the Tapas returns with a new book that details her travels through China. Although she planned to travel in luxury, she ends up on a primitive sleeper-minibus, where the adventure just begins. Dealing with the language barrier and a culture so foreign to her own, the English travel writer paints a hilarious portrait of her experiences and informs readers how to eat fried eggs with chopsticks.